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  • Our products are handmade with natural materials such as: Golden Grass, Seeds and Buriti Silk. Metals are also part of the production so we recommended not to get wet because it can decrease the durability of the piece. If that happens, just make sure to dry it properly with a soft cloth.

  • Use your skincare products and ensure full absorption before wearing your jewellery to avoid any damage to the piece.

  • Handle with care to prevent any breakages, handmade jewellery and accessories are very delicate.

  • Store it in a cool, dry place.

  • Our products are 18k Gold plated over time, it can tarnish because of air, humidity and chemicals. To clean and keep your jewellery always beautiful,  wipe it with a damp, clean and soft cloth. It will look brand new!

  • To avoid tangles and scratches, keep your jewellery in a fabric-lined case.

  • Follow all the care and instructions above and your pieces will last forever!

  • Our collections are unique, exclusive and 100% Brazilian handmade, the perfect combination for you to look fabulous. Enjoy it!

Care and Instructions

Size Guide - Earrings

Size Guide - Necklaces

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